Parenting Tips

Brick Wall
Sep 12, 2014
There are times for all of us when we "hit walls." These walls can be tough. Walls are really big and really heavy.  To break one... more
Sep 8, 2014
What is a teacher or parent to do when they have a group of troublesome toddlers or cheeky children? They don't stay in their... more
Sep 5, 2014
People always ask me how they can change their voice tone.   Well, since I had to figure that out for myself years ago, while... more

News and Events

Sep 18, 2014
Join us for eye-opening presentations, solutions and strategies from world-renowned experts and scholars on issues that matter to... more
Sep 9, 2014
What is this all about? It’s a Celebration!! Nicholeen speaks September 9th at 4:00 MDT and September 24th at 7:30 pm MDT
Sep 11, 2014
FREE WORKSHOP  *  Those registered can view interviews at their convenience for 10 days beginning Thursday, September 11th, 2014