Dealing With Difficult Family Members?

The Question: “Nicholeen, I have been working really hard at having self-government with my spouse and children, but I don't see how to have self-government with people in my extended family who are extremel... more

Halloween: Two Ways To View The Holiday

The Question: “Nicholeen, what do you do for Halloween? It seems like such a dark holiday, and I really don't like participating.” My Answer: I love the quote, “Bring your children up in light an... more

Paying Children Allowances

  Paying Children Allowances   At the Peck house we don't pay allowance. We also don't pay for chores to be done. Here's why and what some other people think about the issue.   We have two businesses we ow... more

Talking To Teenagers: Three Tips

  “Nicholeen, I can't seem to correct my 16 year old son without him getting upset. He rolls his eyes and looks away from me. He just seems to have a wall surrounding him that none of us can penetrate. I kn... more

They Can Smell It: Parenting Videos

Have you ever heard that old phrase about how dogs can “smell fear?” Well, dogs aren't the only ones who can smell fear; children can too. Children know the moment they have you. They know when mom is out o... more

What! Adversity is good?

We live in very difficult times. Many people worry about what is on the horizon, and what future adversities will come. No need to worry. Adversity shouldn't be feared. It should be accepted and embraced... more

Social Success: Too Little Friend Time Part 2

Last week I talked about how there are certain skills which are important to posess for social success.  These skills are different from the self-government skills I teach in my Parenting A House United ... more

Freedom For Families: The Tree Bark Approach

“Give Me [Tree Bark], Or Give Me Death”: Liberty Yesterday And Today No speech has ever stirred the American people so much as Patrick Henry's “Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death” speech. No matter if I... more

Can Too Much Friend Time Hurt Children?

"Nicholeen, can my child have too much friend time?  I have noticed that he begs for it all the time, but doesn't really want to play with his brothers and sisters that much.  What should I do?"    As many... more


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